Super Speed Internet & Browser Assistant

Super Speed Internet & Browser Assistant

This tool block site/host that contains a virus or threaten content
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If you browse the Internet, the browser will load the files from the internet. At the time the file came, the files will be stored in the cache.
If you are browsing, the browser will check if it is available in the cache. If it is available it will be directly displayed without the load from the internet. If not available or need to update the content of the information, it will load a file from the internet.

With the "Internet cache", browsing, you will be faster. However, in general, internet cache only works if the internet connected, so it’s rare for us browsing the internet offline.

With the "internet cache", you can also save the cost of internet, because it does not need to download the files again.

Super Speed Internet & Browser Assistant can block site / host that contains a virus or trojan downloader, and can block content that is not in the will.

This tool is similar as "toonel", with addition :

1. Have a cache that is faster browsing again.
2. Can block trojan downloader virus and other content
.....that dangerous.
3. Can block sites that are not desired, such as advertiser.
4. Can block content by adding an element of pornography filters
.....on the word content.
5. Can save your money with compression and caching.
6. Can save internet bandwidth usage.
7. Have Firewal, Bandwidth Controller & Download limiter Function.
8. Can browsing internet while offline.
9. Can be an offline proxy.
10. Enhance your comfort as the internet.

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